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Jan 26 – Feb 16. Theme: 7 Sins.
Sponsor: Merchant of Dreams. Blog: Seraphim

Medieval Fantasy Hunt XVIII: Secrets of Moonlight
2018 Sept 28 - Oct 28. Merchants & hints.

The faire is closed for 2018. It will return in 2019.
You can still listen to Fantasy Fair Radio on Radio Riel
You can still view the Shopping Catalog if you want to visit the main store locations (but the links in parenthesis will no longer take you to the faire locations)

6 hr
4 hr. Reference library, tutorials. Weapons testing area.
3 hr. Classes, orientation, free tools & supplies.
6 hr. Small parcel where group can set Home.
0 hr.
6 hr
4 hr
5 hr
2 hr. Building tutorials and contests.
0 hr. Unattended items returned daily.
4 hr
8 hr. Invisible dressing areas
8 hr. 500 prim limit. Invisible dressing areas
0 hr. Tutorials. Supply shops. Free textures, scripts, tools.
1 hr

0 hr. See listing under Ref/Tutorials/Support for details

90 min. See listing under Recreation & Leisure
2 hr. New Citizens Inc. Help, classes, freebies, social, events.
4 hr. German Newbie Center.

5 hr. Area for tiny avatars but all are welcome.
7 hr. Furry sandbox; all are welcome

90 min. Use TP board at sandbox landing point.
5 hr. Unpacking & dressing only. Adults only (no privacy).
5 min. The Bare Rose dressing room for women only.
3 min. Use TP station at center of store.
5 min. Sandbox with invisible dressing areas.

3 hr return
3 hr return
3 hr return

Use to troubleshoot avatar & inventory issues. Undersea.
Troubleshooting. Undersea.
Troubleshooting. Undersea
Troubleshooting. Grassy desert island.

* Infohubs:
Mauve, Mahulu, Degrand, Hyannisport, Ambat
* Private land: Route 1
Freebie Dungeon

* Search "infohub" to find more infohubs. Group join is not required at most. Scripts will be disabled at Linden–owned infohubs.
* Search "set home" to find private land that allows you to set Home, which is typically restricted to a small, isolated parcel on the land. Group join will be required.

Sansara @ Durango. Pod Info Center. Eight tours.

Jeogeot @ Monowai (Castell Yavanna). Six tours.

Heterocera @ Calleta (Thinkerer Studios). Five tours.

Heterocera @ Hooktip (Hooktip South Station / SLRR rail network). One tour.

Gaeta I @ Elten (Wandaland Pod Station). Two tours.

Gaeta V @ Demorgan (Demented). Two tours.

Corsica (Western) @ Dungarvan (plage Saint Amour). One tour.

Corsica (East & West), Northern Nautilus, Circuit La Corse, and Transcontinental @ Corfeld (JavaScript Pod Tours). Three tours.

Maebaleia @ Camazotz (Rt 8B).

Maebaleia @ Trabushkja. (Tin Teddy Textures & Garden Center).

Maebaleia @ Basilisk (Ger Y Lli): South Nautilus, South Satori & Transcontinental. Two tours. YavaScript shop (jewelry). The jetty has short boat tours to local islands

Teen Continent @ Cascade (Cascade Snow). One tour.

Zindra @ Bronlen (Kama City Municipal Park). Adults only

See the website for info on the Firestorm viewer. For info on inworld sites, see listing under Recreation & Leisure

Group can help resolve most building questions. Shopping area has full perm shops. Main shop has free building supplies. 0 hr sandbox for members has terraforming area & dressing rooms.

Self-guided building tutorials

Particle scripting tutorials. Free scripts & templates. Particle textures. Practice area. Particle generator console for sale.

Free texture & particle scripts. Video tutorials. Books & textures for sale. Self-paced tutorials cover all aspects of using texutres.

Orientation, training, and information facilities for people with disabilities and chronic illness.

SL basics & building tutorial boards. Mini sandbox. Social center. Media testing theater. Free textures. Parcel to set Home.

Help, info, tutorials, classes. Social center, events, Lakeside recreational area. Small sandbox (2 hr return).

Fantasy Play

More roleplay and fantasy–based recreation may be found in the Fantasy & Petite listings.

Music, beach, forest, caves, golf, Star Trek roleplay. Freebies. Sandbox. Tutorials, help classes, support for Firestorm viewer. Dressing rooms. Parcel at Social Center to set Home.

Step through a portal to begin a quest. Some quests allow you to earn prizes or L$. Info for PaleoQuest, Linden Realms, TCMG

Beautiful Medieval roleplay world. Forests, villages, Castle Grand Ballroom, shops. Dueling area at Avalion Nexus

Home to Lilith's Den and Fantavatar & Moonstruck.
Fantasy forest, adventure games, rental homes.

Steampunk role-play

The setting changes to match the theme of the current hunt.

Medieval forest & villages. Shops for landscaping, swamp, dungeon, textures, elven, vampire.

Woodland garden, lagoon, elegant cuddle rooms, ballroom.

Fantasy forest. Ride a balloon, dragon, hang glider. Cuddle walk.

Tropical volcanic island, wedding area, small beach town.

Holoscenes to use and buy. Garden forest. Landscaping shop.

Tropical island.

MadPea Productions

Games, hunts, prizes, rides at Mad World. Puzzle–solving mysteries at Mad City. Info on the website

Adirondack steampunk, live music, Boho photography. Out Of The Looking Glass, Into The Madness (Follow the arrow and enter the rabbit hole).

A festival of fire, art, and community. (Seasonal)

International Roleplay Hub. A community to find roleplay.

The Dawn Kingdoms. Primal wilderness.

Three rival factions, three planes in a medieval roleplay sim. All (adult) races allowed. SoI website

Post-apocalyptic adult role-play. Details on the website


Ad boards for current & upcoming hunts. See SL Hunts website for detailed info for hunters & shop participants.

See Hunt SL website for detailed info for hunters & participants.

Cinders Vale hosts a bi–weekly show on YouTube with hunt info. The inworld HQ has a ballot to vote for your favorite hunts.

Join Stillman Bazaar Management Group to leave things you want to give away. Get info notecard from sign by the ramp.

Quality items related to appearance made by merchants with a store. Clothes, costumes, shoes, jewelry, accessories, skins, shapes, hair, AO's. Dressing rooms. Parcel to set Home.

15 floors of free and low priced skins, clothes, hair, houses, and assorted goodies. Check the price before you buy.

(SL Marketplace) Everything is free & mostly open source.

Thousands of free textures, pre-screened to remove junk and sorted categorically. Preview/select only what you want.

Tons of junk. Group can set Home.

Seraphim (blog)

Sales & Events blog.

Petite Hair & Eyes:

See Home & Garden for skyboxes and fantasy landscaping.
See Home & Garden for fantasy decor & furnishing.
See Body for more places with petite hair & eyes.
See Clothing & Accessories for more clothing styles.

Based on The Borrowers books. Everything is oversized to provide a sense of being a 6" person in a huge world.

Monthly shopping event catering primarily to role–players. Fantasy, Medieval, sci–fi, post–apoc, Gor. Clothing, mesh, weapons, furniture. An excellent place to discover stores that focus on quality.

Faery Crossing
Main region

Website 1
Website 2
Magic Messenger

Welcome Center: Introduction to the world of fae.
Market: Books, wings, jewelry, clothing. All things fae & elven.
Mushroom Circle / Tinker's Circle: Gathering places
Plucked Wing Tavern: Community Center.
Castle: Where the Faery Queens once resided
Aine's Tunnel / Aine's Garden
Petite Paradise / Shamrock Gardens / Enya's Thicket

Faery Crossing
Faerie Mere

The Learning Grove: Gateway for SL newcomers.
Merry Meeter Manor: Training center for meeters
Games Room: Events, dances
Game Room: (board games, trivia) / Pixie Playground
Greenwood / Raven's Nest / Mtn top pond
Spirit Cove Illusion / Ravencourt Illusion /

Faery Crossing
The Thorny Rose

Faery Crossing
Other regions

Betwixt: Much to explore. A great place for role play.
Milis Muirnin: Islet Gazebo
Ravenfirth: Raven's Inn
Woodhenge: Awen Mystic Circle / Tar Pit / Fishing Hut / Mtn top
Wildefleur: Wilde Bilberry / Wysteria Wood (Residences)
Wildewood: The Dark Rose / Wildewood Village (Residences)

Gathering place for petites. Garden, beach, dancing, games, RP, hidden pub, cave.

Beautiful wings. Separate idle/fly settings for flutter speed, size (will fit petite), transparancy (partial to full hide). Reasonably priced. Every style comes in a set of at least eight colors.

High quality castles, cottages, furniture, lamps, etc

Large fantasy marketplace. Medieval, petite, fairy, gypsy, Gothic, houses, textures, full perm sound, horses,

Quality women's fantasy, medieval, & petite fashion. Skins, furniture, trees. Free Minikin avatar.

Fantasy clothing, belly dance costumes, gypsy dresses. Crowns & hair adornments. Wings. A small selection of petite outfits.

Official marketplace for petites. Visit the Musa store for makeup, poses, accessories, and yard sale.

Large section for petites. Skins & heads for Yabusaka petites. Petite clothing, eyes, accessories, add-ons.

Fantasy skins, shapes, eyes, outfits, tattoos, petites. Libertine Furniture. Complete petite avatars.

Very nice wings. Resizable to any size avatar.

Medieval, fae, elven clothing (male & female, children).

Cole's Corner at Project Twilight marketplace

Skins, eyes, ears, wings, horns, tattoos, masks. Clothing, accessories, makeup. Particle FX (some for petite). Neighbor shops have goth, anime, anims, hair, armor, jewelry, shoes.

Bare Rose is huge. The two petite "islands" offer clothing, anims, avatars (with & without outfit), heads, eyes, make-up.

Petite outfits

Homes, treehouses, clothing, tiny avatars.

Fairytale landscapes, dreamscapes, seasonal decorations.

Furniture & gadgets for petites

Located at Mountain Rose. Fairy breeders, wings for petites, fantasy artwork, furniture.

Unique and creative fantasy plants, avatars, and buildings. Several of the buildings come with a version sized for petites.

Medieval, fantasy, Roman. Petite, fairy, shaman, elves. Furniture, trees.

Dream of Medieval Crafts / Medieval Dream Dresses. Medieval & fantasy furniture, garden, clothes.

Complete petite avatars (outside in the yard). Very attractive.

Quite a few homes for petites. Selection of fantasy homes, furnishing, & clothing for big.

SL Mkt only. Pirate, Victorian, gothic, & steampunk for men & women.

Fantasy marketplace in a roleplay environment. Selection for petites (conventional & fantasy styles). Dancing, Tai Chi, art.

Post-apocalyptic, steampunk, Victorian, skins, accessories

Fantasy & Medieval clothing mostly for women but some for men.

SL Mkt only. Victorian, Steampunk, costumes. Predominately women but many selections for men. Small selection for petites.

Stylish casual & fantasy clothing & footwear for young women. Selection for petites

Non–human avatars. Animals, dragons, demons, pets, tinies, freebies. Mostly mid–quality & prim but unique & fun.

Costumes & avatars for men, women, & non-human. Gothic, historic, vintage, casual, baroque, Victorian, Edwardian.

Be a dinosaur or a dragon.

Magic HUDs for roleplay & combat. Fantasy eyes.

Personal, indoor & outdoor accessories, builds & landscape designs. Contemporary, medieval, ancient fiction worlds.

Fantasy hair, jewelry, avs, etc.

Gothic, fantasy, steampunk, period, Victorian, Medieval, Roman, Egyptian, Persian. Skins & hair. Small section for petites.

Indoor & outdoor fantasy & nature furnishing. Mermaid, elven, fairy, forest, animals, medieval. Use the TP pad for more levels.

Limited selection for petite.

Lingerie, silks, clubwear, fantasy. Small section for petites (a few items for male).

SL Mkt only. Fantasy, silks, and fairy clothing. A few outfits for petites.

Wings, bows, swords

Mostly roleplay weapons.

SL Mkt only. Nano fairy, micro fairy & giant avatars over 10m.

SL Mkt only. Wings (resizable for petites>

SL Mkt only. Large selection of fantasy clothes for petite & big

Mesh clothing

Many of the stores that specialize in mesh body parts also carry a selection of clothing. See the listing under Body: Mesh

Elegant outfits, formal gowns, glamour dresses, wedding dresses, casual outfits. Suits, tuxedo & formal wear for men.

Fantasy and historical mesh clothing, accessories, home & garden. Full perm for creators. Omega Appliers.

Women's & men's clothing. Fantasy, bohemian. Just a little bit conventional with a big spash of unique.

Conventional but stylish clothing for men & women.

Vintage jewelry, scarves, gloves, feathers, women's shoes, hats. Mesh elf ears.

Men's clothing & body. Conventional but stylish. Sportswear, tuxedos, shoes, hats, jewelry, accessories. Skins, shapes, hair. Also a small selection for women (mostly footwear & jewelry).

High fashion women's boots

Formal & casual classy women's clothing

Fine jewelry

Conventional but stylish clothing for men & women.

Clubwear, latex fetish fashion, and denim.

Quality skins, shapes, hair, clothes. Outlet store. Past group gifts. A few hairs for petites (Look for "Petite" on the display).

Realistic eyes. Packages include mesh & system versions. Sections for petite & neko eyes.

Beautiful eyes from assorted vendors. Styles for witch, nymph, & other special types. Eyes with HUD control for FX.

Hundreds of styles of high quality mesh & flexi hair for male & female. Large selection with big discount.

Complete avatars

Quality hair: Asian, petite, child, fantasy, anime, kawaii, goth.

Quality mesh & flexi hair. Some clothing, accessories, tattoos, eyelashes, avatars. Large selection of petite hair.

Mesh & prim hair. Small selection for petites.

Mesh Hair with a small selection for petites.

Huge selection. Free gifts. Beards, eyelashes, pubic hair, tintable nipples, tan lines, hair scripts, nail polish, shoes, sounds, textures, inventory organizer, treasure hunt systems, tutorials. Wonderland has a section for petites.

Large selection, mesh & flexi. Discount section.

Skins, shapes, and appliers for male & female

Quality skins & shapes

Realistic skins. Hair. Men's & women's clothing & shoes for clubbing, office, or casual

Website with reviews of mesh bodies.

Omega Aplier System. For details, see the Omega website

The Lara mesh body, clothing, hair, and footwear.

The Isis, Venus, & Freya mesh bodies. Clothing & female skins.

The Lena mesh body is partial mod and substantially less expensive than the leading brands.

Bento mesh heads, mesh body skins, hair, clothes, add–ons.

Male & female Bento shapes. Beards for Catwa mesh heads & Catwa Bento heads.

Mesh feet & shoes, hands, skins, clothes.

Male mesh body and head.

Male mesh body.

A showcase for content providers. Merchandise changes on the 8th of the month.

Catwa, Maitreya, Mayreal skin templates. Full perm skin for mesh head & mesh body.

Male body parts, Catwa appliers, body appliers, shapes, skins, beards.

Rachael Rockers

Barre Dance HUD. See the SL Marketplace listing and Barre website for details

Quality AO anims and complete AOs at very reasonable prices.

Dance machine & club equipment, dance & assorted anims.

All types of anims, specializing in couples. Full perm anims for builders. Non Pose ball HUD.

Dances, cuddles, gestures, adult poses

Dances, AOs, yard sale.

SL Mkt only (Inworld store may return). Dances, AOs, club equipment

Poses, couples, dances, AOs

Fantasy & realistic landscaping. Skyboxes (20x20 to full sim). Plants, fields, waterfalls, ponds, instant gardens. Custom designs. Garden furnishing & decor. Textures. Building kits.

Dream Scene Skyboxes. Mesh plants, landscaping.

Novatech holodecks, teleporters, sci-fi stores. Play in a giant space station. Guest-flyable starships.

Caves, grottos, gardens, beaches, waterfalls.

Low prim, quality plants and landscaping at affordable prices.

Unique and creative fantasy plants, avatars, and buildings. Some buildings include a version for petites.

Fantasy landscaping and skyboxes.

Victorian, urban, and steampunk decor, architecture, furniture.

One prim mesh furniture, most with texture changer and anims.

A very large selection and wide variety of mesh, much of which is full perm: Furniture, vehicles, garden, musical instruments, animals, humans (in both statue & mannequin style, in many themes & wardrobes), food. Settings, period pieces, holiday.

Home & garden

Medieval, fantasy, botanicals, aquatics, animals, building, waterfalls,

Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Arabic, Oriental, Moroccan, and Old World textures for fabric, wood, furniture, interior design, 3D building, plaster, rugs, glass metal, sand, role play.

SL Mkt only. Background textures. Poses & props. A landscaped sim for photography and relaxation.

2D & 3D build textures, mesh materials, terrain, fantasy

Rock, water, nature, brick, floor, wall, trim, tile.

Thousands of free textures, pre-screened to remove junk and sorted categorically. Preview/select only what you want.

The Q-Translator, arguably the best translator available. More on SL Marketplace.

Tools & gadgets. One of the best texture organizers.

– BB is a school & resource center for creators. Learn Blender, Gimp, Photoshop. Free textures, scripts, anims, templates.
– CV is a full–perm marketplace for your building needs.

Scripts, mesh, animations, textures for designers. Poses. Props. Blender & scripting books.

Gadgets, building tools, vehicles. Free gadgets.

Tools & gadgets for building, textures, education, business, and general use. Many useful free items.

Dystopian sci-fi city.

Publishing and distribution tools. Scripted books, book & magazine makers. For portfolios, catalogs, photo albums, etc.

Victorian primbots. Servants and assistants that serve food, open doors, bow, dance. Some have set functions, some are highly programmable. The inworld store has hundreds of functioning bots. See descriptions on SL Marketplace.

Large assortement of animated animals (No Copy / Trans only)

Mesh & sculpt horses, ponies, unicorns, & horse related items. Resizable for Petite pocket nano. Jousting armor.

Horse avatars, horse companions, rideable horses & unicorns, Double riders. Also deer, wolf, dog, and bat avatars. Wilderness area.

RealHorse mesh horse & foal avatars. Realistic appearance & movement. Bento versions. Mod kits for coats, manes, tails, tack, animations. Carts & carriages. PasturePets. Women's outfits.

Animated mesh pets & farm animals. Landscaping and home & yard furnishing.

Photography & photostudio tools, props, poses, backdrops.

Silly animated "people," pets, robots. Rustic rural stuff, old wares, furniture, rafts, tub boats, wagons, cottages, homes.

Second Life Marketplace
Online stores for SL merchants

* Many merchants offer a different selection online than they do inworld.
* Even when an inworld store closes, merchants usually maintain an online presence. Many merchants only sell online and never open an inworld store.
* TIP: If you're trying to locate a store for an item that you have, try this:
  – Edit the item, then open the profile for the creator. If they have an inworld store, it is usually listed in their Picks. Bear in mind that they may only rent space in a store or mall with an unrelated name.
  – Check the SL Marketplace and search under Merchants for the creator's name. Or search under Items for the item that you have. If you find it, click the link to "Visit The Store" (below the purchase buttons).