AetherWiki is an effort of love and editors are needed. But due to the lack of resources necessary to control malicious intent, the wiki is closed to public editing. Also, due to the nonstandard nature of the topic matter, only those who can demonstrate knowledge of the topic matter will be invited to edit the pages.

If you simply have a question or a suggestion for a topic (without the answer/description), you can use the Comments form to submit it. Use the form below if you have

  • a description for an undefined wiki topic
  • a correction or addition to an existing description
  • a suggestion for a new topic and you also have a description for it
  • an answer for an unanswered FAQ
  • a question for the FAQ and you also have the answer

If your contribution is published, you become eligible to edit the wiki directly. Participation in the Harmonic Hearts forum is also a good way to demonstrate your interest and knowledge. Note that only regisered members can post to the forum.

* Your Name: Real name is preferred (Just the first name is fine). Your personal info will never be disclosed to a third party.

Email: Optional. But we'll need a way to contact you if you are interested in becoming a regular contributor.

URL: Optional. Use this if you want to show what else you've done.

* Wiki topic or FAQ Question

* Wiki description or FAQ answer

Type the word below exactly as shown: